Urban 88

A game set in a town that's about to become a city. Mundane tasks, crazy characters and lots of dialogue maybe. A graphical adventure + RPG elements.

Code name: Urban 88

Here are some gifs:


Pathfinding + Turrets

Using Unity's navmesh, manage to create a simple behavior for these units. Follow the red dot!, just like my hungry cats when arrive home:
Plus, here's some turret placing in action, it attacks the titan:
until next time!


RamGore 2018

I guess this is a comeback; to the blog and to an old project, RamGore, a FPS (First Person Something)

The project itself was made with Unity 5.5 and a bunch of plugins from 2014 or so. I'm in the process of porting it to 2017, frustrating at parts but fun nonetheless. 

Here are some gifs:

Trail particles test

Align to normal test for an object placing tool


particles trail test