RamGore - Camera System Test

Maybe an open world, small open world so I can achieve something. Actually it's a small terrain done with unity's terrain tool.

The point of this video is to show an idea of the camera system.

It combines 2 simples scripts:
One is SmoothLookFrame:

Which works with 2 game objects and tries to keep them both on frame, pretty cool.

The other one is LookAtMouse I think:

"This script will cause an object to rotate towards the mouse cursor along it's y axis."

That object I choose to follow is going to be framed by the SmoothLookFrame script along with the player, bingo, it'll look something like this:

Camera ---------> Player
             ---------> Cursor

With that I can make the player control the camera in a 2D plane. When it comes to Third Person Cameras, there's a lot of options, depending of the type of game, but in open world games, like for example, WoW, there is less control from the designer and more control to the player. So to make you pay attention to a specific spot or area of the terrain, it's very difficult.

On the other hand, non open world games allow more designer control, and direction. Examples like God Of War 3 are among the greatest I've ever seen in modern games. Not so modern games like the first Tomb Raider, combined these approach of "keep 2 thing in camera frame", when Lara enters attack mode. Check the video:

This type of Camera in TR, it's not only used when focusing on enemies, sometimes it's also used to hint something to the player, a path or a item.

Back to the idea of RamGore and my plan to combine these 2 types of camera system from 2 genres of third person games. There are many bugs to be fixed, for example, the cursor stays at the same height in which starts, so when the player wanders around the top of the canyon or mountains, the camera goes eagle view, top view, trying to keep in frame the cursor below. I want to be able to exploit that on some parts because it looks awesome.

Music from the video: Doug Laurent from Half-Life 1 soundtrack.

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